Sabrina Cournoyer says hypnotherapy saved her life

This week one of the topics discussed on Marie-Claude Barrette’s show was hypnosis and how this practice can help in the context of physical and/or psychological suffering. Among the guests, Sabrina Cournoyer made surprising revelations. • Also read: Sabrina Cournoyer highlights her three-year relationship with her lover • Also read: Sabrina Cournoyer has overcome major … Read more

Cry for help: “I keep complaining”

Hearing someone complain about everything and everyone is uncomfortable for those around them, but this attitude is often a cry for help coupled with a need for approval. Henri, in his early fifties, has long been a first-rate complainer. “I wasn’t aware of it, but everything in my life was an excuse for dissatisfaction, and … Read more

Queen Dodo | The press

Dear students, welcome to your culture course in Quebec. This morning’s topic is Mrs Dominique Michel, who is celebrating her 90th birthday today. Posted at 8:00 am I’m speaking to you about a lady whose under-20s fail to see the full meaning of her existence. And we will fix that immediately! Dominique Michel, née Aimée … Read more

Vero who? | The press

These are not just any CEGEP students. Most want to work in the TV industry. When Caroline Savard, a teacher at the Graduate School of Media Art and Technology (ATM) in Cégep de Jonquière, showed them a program moderated by Véronique Cloutier in class… no one in their group knew who it was. Posted at … Read more

The new threat was teased in Avengers Age of Ultron (spoilers).

Presented by She-Hulk in Episode 6, the new menace was teased in Avengers Age of Ultron. Spoiler. While fans have been anticipating the arrival of Daredevil, the latter has been requested and not released yet She Hulk attorney. However, the series revealed the presence of Intelligencia, a menacing group teased a decade ago Avengers: Age … Read more

The novel of impending death

American writer Russel Banks at his home in upstate New York in 2010. JEAN-LUC BERTINI/PASCO In nearly twenty books and forty-seven years of writing – his first novel, family life (untranslated), published 1975 – Russell Banks, 82, has created one of the most committed works in contemporary American literature, vigorously denouncing all forms of violence, … Read more